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Design-Led Theme : Eurasia

Most of the time, especially when dealing with promotional campaigns, the graphic design of a message will follow the lead of a headline, tagline, or other form of copywriting. Verbiage will be crafted to convey the specific form of messaging believed to persuade the audience, and then the design will appropriately present this message in a meaningful form. For the Assemblies of God division of Eurasia, the exact opposite was true. Visually interpreting the goal of this division happened first, which then led to an inspired headline and theme for the entire campaign.


This would be a fairly wide-open endeavor. A complete rebranding from scratch. One basic objective was put in place: to reach people of all backgrounds across the vast Eurasian geography who felt lost or empty in order to communicate a message of hope.


Two concepts were crafted in the rebranding of Eurasia. The first, in logo form, imparted an old-world sensibility coupled with a modern twist. A seal was created with 6 disparate pieces (Modern letter 'E's, each representing a unique region of Eurasia, coming together to form a unified symbol). And a second, a message-based campaign, intended to spread communications of hope for this newly rebranded and unified area.


The most striking and evocative existing assets were a series of photographs portraying people of widely varying ethnicities and walks of life, all hailing from the diverse regions of Eurasia. In an attempt to visualize the complex layers of meaning and appropriately alliude to a new era of hope, a darkness was placed over them with a sliver of light then breaking through. This emergence is placed strategically over the eyes to suggest an ability to see through the twilight faithfully into a new period of optimism.


Once this design was brought to the table it immediately inspired a simple, yet brilliant headline: "I Opening". The addition of this elegant play on words served to bring all aspects of concept and design together to create a multi-dimensionally strategic visual rebranding.

Circa 2000 Poster

Eurasia Banners

Circa 2000 Poster

Eurasia Banners

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