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Case Study : The Window Cleaner Guy

The Window Cleaner Guy started in the business of window cleaning almost 20 years ago. Back in those days, however, the business was known as Fineline. When the owner felt it was time for a change in image and identity we went back to the drawing board and started with a clean slate.


The owner, Charles Hopkins, decided this new direction had to be clean and professional, but incorporate a touch of humor. A new name, "The Window Cleaner Guy", captured a touch of the irreverance he desired while maintaining an immediacy in consumer understanding for the focus of the business. The visualization of this new name had to capture some of this personality as well.


When interviewing The Window Cleaner Guy, one key phrase rang true: "I want to be the James Bond of cleaning windows...but with a sense of humor". This drove the identity. A slick and debonbair figure, donning tuxedo and bow tie, was rendered alongside the representation of a window pane. This would be no ordinary set of windows, however. They would be dramatized and idealized. They would be the perfect windows. Perfect because they were immaculately cleaned. Cleaned with charm, style, and sophistication.


Being idea-driven, once the concept was realized, the execution of the identity fell into place. This over-the-top exaggeration and romantic analogy would be rendered with seriousness. The very clean and corporate drawing of the tongue-in-cheek concept would be the perfect marriage of professionalism and humor. Consumers could rest assured that they would receive top quality service with a sense of humor and humanity. The quality would deliver the promise of the business. The humor would build the ongoing relationship.

Each format, whether business card, letterhead, or envelope would compose the requisite information and elements in a pure, crisp manner. The canvas of these pieces would stay clean as a reflection of the nature of the service. The boxes and star used in the logo would carry through to other areas in order to assist in the sense of overall identity and cohesion. And type would be chosen that was a blend of clarity and style.


Rather than diluting the presentation with other directions, this alone was shown with conviction. Believing this to be the solution that Charles was after, several formats were fleshed out to demonstrate the new identity in action.

The Window Cleaner Guy agreed. It was with great enthusiasm that full approval was granted. This was the mixture of professionalism and personality he needed to take his business to the next level.

A great source of objective affirmation came when The Window Cleaner Guy's new logo was accepted for publication into the second installment of the LogoLounge franchise: LogoLounge 2. Submitted against tens of thousands of competing applicants, this new logo made the cut as an identity that worked on many levels.

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